Capital Campaign

Phase III: Lakewood Drive View

My dear family of God,


Psalm 92:1 says, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”

Even though our thanksgiving adds nothing to God’s greatness, it helps us grow in holiness and grace. We give thanks to God because it is truly right and just.


I would like to thank all our parishioners and school families, past and present, for all you have done – and continue to do – for God and his Church. It is my prayer that we will continue to express our gratitude to God for his goodness and innumerable blessings.


One of the ways we can express that gratitude is to “pay it forward,” ensuring the next generation of St. Joseph’s parishioners and school families have everything they need to be a thriving community. With that in mind, we have undertaken a major fundraising effort: Together We Build Our Future to Greater Heights campaign.


I hope you will consider investing in this campaign and St. Joseph’s future. Our generous giving not only goes a long way to support our church, but it also demonstrates our love for God.


I love St. Joseph Catholic Church. It is both a blessing and a privilege to be your pastor. I eagerly anticipate celebrating our success with you. And I know this: Together We Will Build Our Future!


Blessing in Christ,

Father Jean Baptiste

Construction Update

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We are so excited to see progress underway with Phase 1A of the Greater Heights Campaign. The kids cannot wait to see the new playground and green space, but we still need your support! We want to complete ALL of Phase 1 including Phase 1B,1C and 1D which will be the two new parking lots and regulation athletic field.

Our Master Plan

Existing Conditions: Site PlanPhase II: Proposed Site Plan

Drag the white circle back and forth in the image above to see an overview of existing conditions and planned improvements

The master plan for St. Joseph includes multiple projects aimed at rejuvenating our parish, enhancing our security to ensure the safety of our children and increasing accessibility to our facilities for the entire community. Accomplishing our master plan will take the hard work and dedication of the entire St. Joseph community. The scope of our project is very large. As a result, we work towards strategically completing our master plan in several phases, addressing the most pressing needs of our parish one step at a time.

PHASE I: Completing Site Work

Phase I: Lakewood Drive View

The site work will improve security for our school children, add additional green space and fully utilize our entire property. It will include the relocation of the playground, which will address longstanding security issues and make outside play safer. Parking accessibility will increase with the addition of two new parking lots. The new parking lots will add a combined total of 125 new parking spaces, which will eliminate the need to park on the street during holiday services and large events. Completing the necessary site work will bring St. Joseph one step closer to our goal of constructing a new multi-purpose building.

PHASE II: Constructing the Multi-Purpose Building

Phase II: Lakewood Drive ViewThe facility will allow our school to host both diocesan and community sporting events. Our current gym is old, outdated, and not large enough to meet the needs of either our school or church. Our social outreach ministries, such as Room at the Inn, will also benefit greatly from the new construction. The multipurpose building will allow our ministries to offer more services to the marginalized and underserved in our area. The completion of the multipurpose building will send a message to the surrounding community: St. Joseph is building for the future, and we are flourishing!

The project includes a 21,000-square-foot, free-standing building that will be constructed directly behind the current school gym. The proposed multipurpose building will feature:

• A regulation-sized gym that will accommodate school sports

• A concession area with a kitchen to allow for catering

• Office spaces for our PE teacher/Athletic Director

• A performing arts stage with seating for 500 people

• Two new classrooms/storage spaces for theater set designs

• Men’s and Women’s locker rooms with outside access to the soccer field

Phase III: Repurposing the Existing Gym

Phase III: Lakewood Drive View

These improvements are necessary to meet both the school and church needs. We are out of classroom space. The repurposing of our current gym into additional classrooms will address our needs by:

• Constructing new classrooms with updated technology, allowing us to deliver a 21st century Catholic education

• Addressing ADA compliance concerns. St Joseph wants our entire community to feel welcome and safe. With the addition of a new reception area, complete with an elevator to the new classrooms and a second lift installed at the rear entry, our campus will become more accessible to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

• Creating a climate-controlled walkway for students to access the cafeteria and other areas of the school while remaining inside. The enclosed walkway will protect our students from outdoor elements and add to their physical safety by keeping them in our secured building.

Methods of Giving


Gifts made by cash or check are the most common and will allow St. Joseph to address its immediate needs.


Charitable gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have appreciated in value can offer special tax advantages to the giver as well as provide a significant gift to St. Joseph’s.

Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated property entitle a donor to an income tax deduction. Please consult your tax professional for more information.

Life Insurance

You can donate an old policy by simply naming St. Joseph Church as the owner and beneficiary. Or you can consider donating a new policy.


Planned giving is the process of carefully selecting the best method and assets for making a charitable gift. Such a gift can enable you to take full advantage of the tax laws to accomplish your financial and charitable goals. A bequest contained in your will is the most common form of planned giving.


A matching gift program provided through your employer or board membership may allow you to increase the value of your gift. Many companies match charitable gifts of employees, retirees or board members.


There are many ways to contribute and support the campaign. Pledges are commitments made in good faith but are not legally binding. Pledges are encouraged to be made over a three-year period to make it easier to maximize your support. A commitment may be fulfilled through annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly installments. 

Budgeting Your Gift

Pledge Payment Schedule – 3 Years | Payment Plans

"I have been part of St. Joseph Church and School for most of my life. I was baptized at St. Joseph, attended school at SJS in grades 1-8, and have been teaching at the school for 23 years. My mother taught at the school for 37 years and my daughter graduated from SJS. St. Joseph is a place that finds its way deep into your heart. It becomes your “home,” and a safe place to return where your soul can be nurtured and beautiful memories relived. St. Joseph deserves the campus improvements outlined in this campaign. The school, parish, and local community of Madison are going through a period of growth and change. This is the perfect opportunity for St. Joseph Church and School to shine!”


"St. Joseph is my family and my parish home. I came here 13 years ago and have been involved in Religious Education, Adult Bible Studies, and Parish Council. At St. Joseph, I have witnessed students and individuals of strong character, virtue, and being respectful in society. I am proud to be a part of this Parish and call St. Joseph my Family. In order to continue to grow and flourish we need to update so we are able to be here for the next 70 years. I support these projects so that St. Joseph Church and School will be here in the next 70 years."


"My family has a long history with St. Joseph Church and school, since I was in the first sixth grade class in 1953. My younger siblings recall playing in the “new gym” during the 1960s and 1970s. Now is the time to bring St. Joseph into an expanded and modernized building for a 21st century Catholic education. This type of refitting has been needed and desired by many for more than a few years. Now is the time to enhance our history and reputation for excellence!”

Claire Ivanov