Middle School

Developing servant leaders through humble service in the spirit of our patron Saint Joseph.

Saint Joseph School provides a faith-based, value-centered, strong academic environment where your child’s success matters to you and us! Accredited by Cognia, our curriculum includes traditional academic subjects, plus Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer Science, Library and Spanish. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the entire well-being of our students and we remain soundly committed to each student’s moral and academic formation.

We offer a robust elective program for students to explore interests in arts, computer sciences, STREAM and music, with classes like: Musical Theater, Music Industry, Robotics, 2D and 3D Art, 3D Printing and Digital Media.

The Middle School Ascent experience is an intentional Christian Leadership Program where students are formed in the mindset, virtues and skills of servant leadership and provided with in house practice and community outreach. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grades take part in Wilderness Retreats that begin in sixth grade and seventh grade close to home here in TN, and culminate in the 8th grade with a week in Moab, Utah!

"We give children space to grow, discover, imagine, and wonder." - Ginger DuBose PreK Director and PreK4/5 Teacher

Middle School Academics

As students continue to grow in our Middle School program, the focus shifts from mastery of basic skills to higher order thinking and a deeper understanding of increasingly complex topics. Small class sizes allow teachers to differentiate by ability within the classroom. Students follow a block schedule, exposing students to changing classrooms throughout each day and learning from teachers who are specialized in their subject area. Our middle school has a 1:1 technology ratio with students receiving a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year.


The core curriculum of Religion, Mathematics, Science, Literature, Language Arts, and Social Studies are all continued and students are able to explore various art, computer and musical interests through our elective program! 

Middle school students can choose from elective classes such as Musical Theater, Music Industry, Digital Media, Yearbook, 2D Art, 3D Art, 3D printing, Robotics, Engineering and more.


We seek to keep our students moving and active with PE twice a week, recess everyday and a wide variety of sports teams and clubs. With each year of study students are granted greater independence in learning and a greater share of responsibility. Students are taught study and organizational skills to ensure they are well prepared for success at the high school level in all subjects.


At Saint Joseph School, we believe that technology plays an important role in helping our students learn and grow. That’s why we strive to thoughtfully integrate technology into the classroom experience. Our middle school provides access to current digital tools to help students explore new ideas, develop critical thinking skills, and stay engaged with the material. We also provide ongoing learning opportunities for teachers, so they can remain up-to-date on the latest educational advancements and understand how best to use these tools in their classrooms. With a focus on thoughtful implementation and a priority on student safety, we are proud of the efforts we have made to ensure our middle schoolers are prepared for the future.

The Ascent Program

Our Christian Leadership program provides an ideal opportunity to study the Catechism, explore leadership roles and engage in meaningful conversation. We facilitate a vibrant forum of Socratic discussions that encourages students to think deeply about their faith and its implications. Through our leadership classes, we recognize the power of young people in their communities and equip them with the skills needed to take on leadership positions. Students learn practical steps for developing a closer relationship with God, experiencing spiritual growth and becoming effective communicators. Our goal is for all students to become informed and passionate leaders who can operate from a place of knowledge, love, and compassion.

Trips and Retreats

We believe in the importance of outdoor experiences to help build character and faith. We strive to create wilderness retreats and field trips for our students that are both challenging and inspiring. Through these adventures, students have the opportunity to unplug from technology, bond with their peers and grow closer to God. With these trips, we hope to inspire our youth to become strong leaders in their community while they discover the beauty and strength of their faith. Our 6th and 7th Graders go on an overnight wilderness retreat close to home and our 8th graders go on a Wilderness trip with Cor Expeditions in the fall and to a major US city in the spring.


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"We have been at Saint Joseph school now for 7 great years. We have three children in grades 5th, 3rd and 1st currently. The special classes including art and language have been great. Our kids are also involved in sports, drama & choir. The SaintJoseph School family is a great one to be involved with. Go Bulldogs!" - Steve, Parent
"We are so thankful for having made an academic home at St. Joseph School! The faculty and administration know they are growing future leaders, and they take it very seriously. It’s our sixth year at SJS, we have a 4th and 2nd grader. Their academic, artistic and spiritual growth, year over year, is apparent and greatly appreciated." - Sarah, Parent
"As a former student of Saint Joseph School, I could not imagine our children anywhere else. Our boys are loving it as much as we did. Not only are they being formed in their faith through prayer and service, they are also learning to be scholars and athletes with an appreciation of the fine arts. This is truly a family, a home away from home for us where we feel loved, supported and inspired." - Kathy, parent